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Issue 1.2: These new devices will be integrated into the standard

Issue 1.2: These new devices will be integrated into the standard

The Smart Home Standard Matter started about ten months ago. At the moment, this is certainly not what many of us envisioned. You can compare it a bit with a long, heavy freight train that takes much longer to move at all.

Matter Alliance intends to provide an update every six months, and this year too, the possibilities still need to expand. There is no set date for the update yet, but in the end it should be a gradual process anyway.

Robotic vacuum cleaners and smart locks come with Matter 1.2

If there are no more problems in the household part of the next mini-race, Matter 1.2 will integrate vacuum cleaner bots and household appliances such as washers, dryers, and dishwashers, among others. It’s a relatively simple thing, because the material doesn’t need to be mastered much more than that here.

It looks a little different with Smart Locks, which will also be part of Matter 1.2. We already gave you some details about the Nuki Smart Lock over the weekend.

  • Nuki Smart Lock: It’s too important for the next generation Maybe start in November The following Nuki Smart Lock is equipped with Smart Home Standard Matter. Martin Bansi, one of the inventors of this popular gadget from Austria, announced last fall…

Smart home cameras will definitely not be part of the upcoming update. Finding a common standard is more difficult here, because much more commonality with video codecs and the like has to be found here. If all goes well, the cameras will be there with Matter 1.3.

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