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How to unlock the Kepler-R spaceship for free

How to unlock the Kepler-R spaceship for free

in starfield Not only can you improve your character, but of course you can also upgrade your spaceship to a more powerful level – or replace it with a completely new model. However, it does cost a full set of credits if you don’t spar other crews.

a First class spaceshipClass C, you absolutely can Free to receive. At least if you choose the right dialogue options and are good at persuasion, otherwise you have to calculate the weaker version. But don’t worry: we’ll help you out and tell you how you can get one of the best starships in Starfield without much effort.

Starfield: How to get the Kepler-R spacecraft, a C-class spacecraft

To even get close to said spaceship, you’ll have to advance the Starfield story quite a bit. In the end, he wants a constellation member Walter Stroud Know Something About You, which unlocks not only a new main quest, but also a side quest. The latter is related to the spacecraft: In “over-designed” He hires Stroud to help his research department, who can’t agree on a new ship.

Now you need to perform the following steps to finally be able to control a modern spaceship:

  • go to Stroud ShipyardWhich you can find in the Narion system near the Dalvik moon Dibala.
  • Talk to us on site Jules and the rest of the development team. It is crucial that you select the option that best suits you in the dialogue Build anything with a bigger budgetWhatever comes to your mind. But you have to convince Jules first.
  • After you have spoken with all the other Fellows, you now have to accept and complete two tasks from the Request List. It mainly selects the tasks that a Battle scenario cover. Although the transport missions seem easy, they lead to an inferior ship.
  • After completing the tasks, you talk to Jules again, and again you have to make a decision: choose them for sure Team building measures. Compromise will make your target ship less good.
  • In the following speech, you must choose several positive dialogue answers in order to push your temporary classmates to maximum performance.
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If you do everything right, the team will build a Kepler-R spacecraft with the following characteristics:

  • reactor: class c
  • crew: 6
  • Cargo capacity: 3,550
  • a step: 30 light years away
  • Signboard: 805
  • Weapons: Vegas 38, Pal 44

Here you can already see: the spaceship is really good, especially since you don’t have to pay anything for it. However, due to the powerful reactor, you must raise your pilot skill to level 4, otherwise you will not be allowed to operate such a device – the laws in the year 2330 require this.

Beware of the New Plus game

If you follow any of our tipsIf you want to finish the campaign as quickly as possible, there’s one more thing to keep in mind: you may no longer be able to get Kepler-R in New Game Plus mode. Due to the choice you made at the start of the reboot, it is likely that said side quest will no longer be offered to you.

If you want Kepler-R, you should definitely do the job before the end of the campaign tackle. Since you also lose all of your spaceships when you switch to New Game Plus mode, Kepler-R is especially suitable for players who want to ignore this mode and continue their old saves.

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