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It seems that Rockstar Games has banned GTA 6

It seems that Rockstar Games has banned GTA 6

People are longing for GTA 6 a lot right now, like this. B. recently did a fast-paced show in the German game show “Schlag den Star”. Now it looks like Rockstar Games has figured this out on its own. Because the developer studio of the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto series is now putting the name “GTA 6” on the block list in the comments on YouTube videos of Rockstar-Games-Kanals Developed.

Rockstar games don’t look like GTA 6 He wants to ask

Some time ago, a Twitter user made this “Not_StrangeManVigil, who started a self-experiment. Submitted two screenshots, one of which shows how he wrote a comment to his YouTube account under a video on the official Rockstar Games channel, whose content was limited to ‘GTA 6’ The second screenshot should show how the comment can no longer be seen from the screenshot The first screen after the author tried to read the comment with a different account.

Under The infamous trailer for the next generation release of GTA 5Whose Storm among the masses It currently has a very negative ratio of good and bad reviews (39,000 likes vs. 216,000 dislikes), and some users are said to have tried to include “GTA 6” in their comments, which also culminated in without success there. Even the spelling “GTA Six” appears to be on Rockstar’s block list. Some creative ways of expressing GTA 6 in writing are said to have left the comment at the end, including “GTA 7 minus 1” or “GTA IIIIII”. In any case, GTA 6 can still be announced without consequences on platforms outside of Youtube.

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More about it: GTA 6 may be delayed further due to GTA 5 Enhanced Edition being delayed

Instead of GTA 6, Rockstar Games decided to release another version of GTA 5 for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. The release should already take place this year, but it was made by the developers Postponed to March 2022What Rockstar Games recently announced with the aforementioned trailer. The special thing about this version is that GTA Online will also appear as a standalone game.

GTA 5: New Trailer for the Technically Enhanced Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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