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It’s very different from Skyrim

It’s very different from Skyrim

Early access to Starfield, one of the most exciting role-playing games of 2023, will start in just a few days, but Bethesda appears to be tempering expectations as the release date approaches: people shouldn’t expect “exploration” like in Skyrim, warns Todd Howard . Instead of one big fantasy world, the exploration is spread across many planets.

When does Starfield start and how early does it play?

Starfield – The official trailer for the game

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The chef isn’t sure everyone likes a change

Here’s what Todd Howard says: In a new interview with GQ Not sure if every fan will like the new pace of Starfield’s approach to open-world exploration, says Starfield director Todd Howard:

It’s not like getting stuck in a world like Skyrim. You hike completely differently.

Howard describes it as a special moment when you land on a new planet with your spaceship, leave your ship and step into a new landscape. If you look around, there is a star that is setting, and this is the moment that almost always works in Starfield.

What are the new species? While Skyrim features one massive world, exploration of the Starfield universe is spread across multiple planets, so exploration will be “broader” and “more ephemeral,” as they say.

According to the author of GQ, this is also the biggest change in the DNA of the game.

So it seems logical that Howard isn’t sure whether the open world, spread over many planets, conveys the same feeling as the “big fantasy world” in Skyrim.

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