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Prince William and Princess Kate: setting an example for Kate’s parents in raising children

Prince William and Princess Kate: setting an example for Kate’s parents in raising children

Love and friendship are important to William and Kate when raising their children

In an interview with the magazine “Ok!” Dawn on royal expert Duncan Larcombe private setting For Prince William and his wife, who depend entirely on Kate’s parents for the upbringing of their children. Love and friendship play an important role in this.

Expert: William and Kate ‘fit into Middleton’s model’

The expert emphasized the heir to the British throne was told by his sons-in-law, Carol (67) and Michael Middleton (73), inspired by: “William modeled his children’s education on the Middleton model—three kids, wealthy but hard-working parents and lots of love in the home.” A trusting relationship with the children is also important to him and his wife: “When Kate was in her early twenties, she counted her mum and dad among her best friends, something William and Kate also strive for with their children.”

The Princess of Wales spent most of her childhood in Bucklebury, Berkshire and has two younger siblings, Pippa Mathews (39, nee Pippa Middleton) and mosques (35). In 2020, Kate spoke on Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” about her “very happy” childhood and talked about her parents’ “great commitment” to her and her siblings.

In Windsor, George, Charlotte and Louis are growing up “under the radar”.

However, unlike Kate’s childhood, her children George, Charlotte, and Louis grow up under a lot of pressure to be in the spotlight. But they found a good solution for that too, the expert said: son King Charles III (74) And his wife gently accustom their children to their performances and “feed the audience drop by drop.”

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For royal expert Katie Nicholl, the couple’s decision was also important and “courageous” from Kensington Palace in central London. to rural Windsor to withdraw. There children can grow up under the radar of public perception.