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Kanye looks charming on Chaney Jones beach body full screen

Kanye looks charming on Chaney Jones beach body full screen

Kanye West You may not be able to get it Kim kardashian – but he seems to have the best thing about her double… which is almost the same as her version except for a graceful T!

You know… I ran away from a new flame Shani JonesRecently – he was dating her in full publicity in full publicity, while before that… he tried to keep their relationship low profile.

The show went on over the weekend when Ye and Chaney left ZZ’s Club in Miami very early Friday morning around 3:30 a.m. ET… They got off an elevator together, stared into each other’s eyes, and then left in the same car. Versatile sports.

Just as she usually does, CJ rang a dead bell for KK – and Ye seemed to gravitate towards him… and grinned as they walked hand in hand.

You know… he’s still trying so hard Stop his divorce In this moment from Kim – and he seems desperate to get her back any way he can. He seems ready to accept Chaney until he gets her back to himself – which probably won’t happen.

This definitely isn’t the worst consolation prize…what she flaunted on the beach on Saturday—namely her rocking body, which she flaunted front and back.

In fact, she has an hourglass figure – complete with nightmares – just like Kim… so you can see what Kanye is looking for in the looks department.