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Kate Moss becomes Creative Director of Diet Coke

Kate Moss becomes Creative Director of Diet Coke

With Kate Moss at the helm, the brand continues its many relationships with fashion icons. In terms of image, the focus is on the atmosphere of life rather than the extreme cold.

The brand is now 40 years old. Kate Moss is approaching the age of 50. When Diet Coke – known in this country as Cola Light – was launched, the model was only eight years old. Growing up with the silver can, I co-founded the infamous “cigarette and diet cola” image – the craze of the 2000s. Today she is the creative director of the brand, as the company recently announced.

She follows in the footsteps of fashion designer (and best friend) Marc Jacobs, who held this position until a decade ago. The range of soft drinks and fashion icons is a constant group. Even before Jacobs did Karl Lagerfeld And the Jean Paul GaultierJonathan Anderson, Matthew Williams, and Roberto Cavalli collaborated with Diet Coke. This is how Diet Coke became a fashion accessory of its time, which can be seen behind the scenes at major shows and in all front row seats, especially since the 1980s.

in the ruins of time

But times are different now. The “Cola und Tschick” menu is outdated, as is the homage to the “Size Zero” many hope the menu will be. So, for the anniversary campaign, you won’t see Kate Moss standing on set in hipsters in a heart-shaped turtleneck, Coke in one hand and anything in the other. The name “Love What You Love” is used much more to highlight spirited people who work for good. Whether Kate Moss, the iconic ’90s anorexia figure, was the right choice for this is already being questioned on social channels.

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Moss is excited to be a part of the Diet Coke family. “I love past collaborations with such great names in the fashion world,” the model said in a statement. She was immediately signed by the “Love What You Like” campaign. “I firmly believe that with confidence and passion you can make your wildest dreams come true. As a Creative Director, I look forward to inspiring fans and celebrating the brand’s 40th anniversary in style.”

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In addition, Diet Coke “starts the anniversary with an official partnership with London Fashion Week and a brand experience that has given fans the chance to take their breath back,” according to Michael Willecki, director of integrated experiences in Europe for Coca-Cola. His area of ​​responsibility is the Europe-wide communication strategy for the brand. Above all, a “positive attitude towards life” should be conveyed. “With Kate at the helm, we’ll inspire everyone to adopt a ‘love what you love’ attitude.” At least that’s Willek’s plan.