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The Audi car deflates at the push of a button «

The Audi car deflates at the push of a button «

Audi shows a convertible electric car study. But the biggest surprise was under the sheet metal.

5 a.m., August 11, 2021

View the Audi Skysphere, an electric convertible car © Audi

On the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California Car chrome gems are usually found on finely trimmed lawn. But within the framework of the event, it is now customary to consider not only the past, but also the future. Thus, in addition to classic cars of the first class, there are also studies by car manufacturers.

for example Audithat with Skysphere concept one vision Electrical transformers View the luxury category. There is no doubt that the two-door model is amazingly organized, but the most interesting details of the prototype do not catch the eye – Variable wheelbase. Electric actuators, chassis and frame components that can be slid into each other allow the same wheelbase and wheelbase to be adjusted External length can vary by 25cm.

Interior in self-driving mode Photo © Audi

With a reduced wheelbase, he can steer his 4.94-meter by himself in the so-called “sport” mode or can be driven in the 5.19-meter GT in self-driving mode, with the steering wheel and pedals folded away. The car is perched on the road with an area of ​​1.23 meters.

There is space for two neatly designed bags under the rear glass. Large touch screens in the cockpit – 1415 mm wide and 180 mm high – and in the upper area of ​​the center console are used to operate the vehicle’s systems and infotainment system.

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The wheelbase length and outer length can be changed Photo © Audi

The show car is powered by an electric motor on the rear axle with a power of 465 kW and a torque of 750 Nm, which is 1800 kg for the two seats. The battery capacity is expected to be more than 80 kWh – thus a range of more than 500 kilometres.

With the three concept cars Skysphere, Grandsphere and Urbansphere yet to be introduced, Audi wants to show how cars change when they master automated driving in Level 4 – that is, without driver intervention.