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Landesliga Ost: SCM: Rohrbach-Berg had to lose feathers;  0-2 defeat

Landesliga Ost: SCM: Rohrbach-Berg had to lose feathers; 0-2 defeat

UNION Rohrbach-Berg had to “suffer the first defeat in the current championship!” Kensy-Elf outdid themselves in this match and sent Patrick-Ishel-Elf to Rohrbach empty-handed. But the performance of former Marstrinker Davor Brajkovic was watched with excitement, as he is now Rohrbach’s top scorer with 15 goals so far.
First half: The two teams had only half the chances before a header duel developed in the visitors’ penalty area, as Barcelona captain Patrick Hamader, who had been promoted, managed to assert himself and headed to make it 1-0 (29th). The struggling Christoph Roettner tirelessly put the ball in and scored after Antonio Tekevich’s free-kick from close range to make it 2-0 (36), and that should have been the initial decision. You can tell that the guests felt a certain degree of uncertainty during this stage. 2: 0 to the break.
The second half: understandable, great strength from the guests, but the great-looking SC goalkeeper “Basti” Horner gave his men self-confidence and nothing should run out in this confrontation until the final whistle. By the way: “Ruity” was at his feet 3: 0, but he put the ball over the crossbar a bit hastily (see photo).

Bottom line: great team performance, but coach Adam Kinsey was missing some veterans like Stefan Heisenberger, Peterstorfer Julian, Bernardoni Giuliano, and. And because the SC-Elf team didn’t get a free kick near the penalty area, Rohrbach’s free-kick hero Davor Brajkovic, so to speak, was left behind.

FOREPLAY: The Ib found it very difficult against the ambitious Rohrbacher and finally had to settle for 0-0 points.

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PREVIEW: The next away game against St. Ulrich is on Saturday March 18th 2023 at 2pm!!!! Then Ibb match: 4:00 p.m.