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Knittelfeld Events: Josh, OldSchoolBasterds, Folk Music & Associates.

Knittelfeld Events: Josh, OldSchoolBasterds, Folk Music & Associates.

Knittelfeld’s spring culture season is coming to an end. However, before the summer break, there are still a few first class events on the programme – including OldSchoolBasterds, Josh’s and an evening of folk music.

KNITTELFELD. On the first of June they are Munich Young Choirs As part of the Knittelfeld Pentecostal Tour. The Munich Boys and Girls Choir is supported by the BG/BRG Knittelfeld Choir. After a day they moved on oldschoolbasterds Takes audiences back to the times of Chuck Berry’s rock and roll, Fats Domino’s swinging piano or Elvis Presley’s swinging hips.

Ostropop and String Quartet

The next one comes on June 9: with songs like “Cordula Grün”, “Von dir ein Tattoo” or “Expresso & Tschianti” Josh The charts are now live on stage at the Kulturhaus.

The band CROSS- (STR) INGS, founded a year ago, is a guest at the Knittelfelder Kulturhaus on Wednesday, June 14, 2923. |  Photo: Reithofer Media

string quartet “CROSS-(STR)INGS” About the musician Zellweger Michael Leitner will perform on June 14th in the White Room. Titled “Musical Crossroads”, Strings has a wide-ranging mix of pop, rock, jazz, funky and world music with them.

Popular Music and Popular Culture

With an evening of popular music On June 17, the spring cultural season ends. It will be good again. Franz Bosch, known from the TV show “Mei liabste Weis” comes with it Dance music for six men “Innbruggler” to the House of Culture. RiDuRi Musi, the male voices Mia4a-Rachau and the folk dance group “D Roßecker z’Bruck” will also be present. High quality folk music, popular but self-composed tracks, wind beats and much more are played. The public can also request pieces.

  • cards for All events Still available at the Knittelfeld Cultural Office on 03512/86621, by mail: [email protected] and on Ö-Ticket.
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September is the beginning of fall and winter:

Knittelfeld presented the cultural programme

This event takes place over the weekend:

Music festival at your doorstep

A few more events are planned in Knittelfeld in June.  HIGHLIGHT: Josh is performing at Knittelfeld on June 9th.  |  Photo: Flukinger



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