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Krondorfer’s new novel: The author of Valentine’s Day takes you to medieval Steyr

Krondorfer’s new novel: The author of Valentine’s Day takes you to medieval Steyr

In her new historical novel, author Herta Krondorfer takes readers to Steyr in 1395.

street. Valentine, Steyer. Saint Valentine author Herta Krondorfer delves into the history of the region and takes her readers on an exciting journey into the late Middle Ages and the lives of the craftsmen of the time.

Time of the Inquisition

“The Knieffer’s Wife” is a mixture of historical and development narratives. Katie, the young wife of knifemaker Jacob Fuchs, is forced by the events that occur in Stair as a result of the Inquisition in 1395 to overcome her shyness and grow beyond herself. Resentment, envy, fear, revenge, and love also play a large role in this novel. The presentation of historical events and some historical figures is also not neglected. The Middle Ages is different, far from the grand princely or royal court and without the usual ingredients such as darkness, dirt and brutality.

Why this time and Steyr?

The author has a personal relationship with Stair and a fascination with history, especially the late Middle Ages. You have managed to combine the two in this novel. “Unfortunately, the Middle Ages are often portrayed as a backward, dark and brutal time, but this time is neither worse nor better than any other time. “I wanted to write a novel that shows the lives of ordinary citizens,” says Valentine, explaining her motivations for writing this story.

About the author

Writer Herta Krondorfer, born in Steyr in 1972, writes poetry, contemporary literature, and historical novels. She writes science fiction and fantasy stories under her pseudonym HK Ysardsson. She has already published several novels, but short stories have also appeared in various anthologies and in the literary magazine Litropona.

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To the book

Historical novel 414 pages | It will be published in October 2023 by self-publishing partner Buchschmiede
Paperback: €15, ISBN 978-3-99152-610-0
E-book: €5.99, ISBN 978-3-99152-610-0
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