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La Gacilly Baden Photo – The photo festival is coming to Baden for the seventh time

La Gacilly Baden Photo – The photo festival is coming to Baden for the seventh time

In 2024, the La Gacilly-Baden photo festival will once again be dedicated to the relationship between people and the environment. A call to the world has long been included at the heart of the festival.

“It is our duty to preserve the poetry of creation for our children. We will try to use images to provide, if not solutions, at least food for thought about fundamental questions related to urbanization, biodiversity, natural resources, environmental pollution, and global warming.” That is why we showcase the works of great people. Masters of environmental photography in our seventh year of the festival,” announced festival director Louis Lammerhuber.

Photos of Nazli Abbaspour, Evgenia Arbojaeva, Yasuhoshi Chiba, Joanna Chumali, David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes, Hans Haas, Nadia Ferroukhi, Sasha Goldberger, Richard Ladkani, Lucas Linsi, Luca Locatelli, Pascal Maitre, Beth Moon, Maxime Ricci, Sebastião are shown Salgado, Alan Schroeder, V. Spears, Brent Stirton, Lauren Tursi, David Turnley, Peter Turnley, and Cassio Vasconcelos.

Jane Goodall believes: “We have the choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place.” Martin Parr, whom the festival will honor with its inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award, also stands in this spirit to preserve the rays of humanity. Norbert Spahn shows us in his photographs why snow crystals are considered “jewels of the sky.” This is a duo photography project for Morbihan schools in Brittany and Lower Austria.

An exhibition of photographs by professional photographers from Lower Austria and the exhibition “Director's Cut” by jury president Michel Comte of the world's largest photo competition, the CEWE “Our World is Beautiful” competition with more than 500,000 photos from 170 countries, will conclude the festival. , as well as a review of 2023 in Photographs by artist-in-residence Ina Kuhn, whose photographs are accompanied by texts by 2022 Thomas Jorda Prize winner Rafaela Edelbauer.

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A visual highlight is the “Human Footprint” exhibition, Images from Orbit, by Gerald Mansberger and Markus Issel.

1500 images in large sizes

La Gacilie Baden Photo Festival extends over 7 km, divided into a garden route and a city route, starting from the visitor center at Brusattiplatz. By integrating it into the public space, around 1,500 images can be seen this year, some of which reach a size of 200 square metres. It is the largest outdoor photography festival in Europe. In 2023, 268,840 people attended La Gacilie Baden Photo Festival. Submission is free.

Garden art and photography merge again in Baden.

Andreas Fossey

Successful cooperation between Gaselli and Baden

Nature, beauty and photography are the reasons behind the success of the La Gacilly Photography Festival. Launched by Jacques Rocher in 2004 in his hometown of La Gacilly in Brittany. In 2024, the festival will be held in Baden near Vienna for the seventh time – after its premiere in 2018 – and will complete 21 years of operation at La Gacilly.

The 2018 festival marked the beginning of an exclusive collaboration between La Gacilly and Baden. The Photo Festival takes place every summer, first in La Gacilly and then in Baden. What was seen in France in 2023 will be shown in Baden in 2024. This rhythm will continue. This gives you the opportunity to marvel at the best photographers in the world, first in the west of the continent and then in the heart of Europe.