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Lady Kitty Spencer: Diana's niece got married - and her dress brings back memories

Lady Kitty Spencer: Diana’s niece got married – and her dress brings back memories

Lady Kitty Spencer (30), niece of those who died young Princess Diana (36), considered a style icon. Not only does she have good looks with her aunt, but also her talent for fashion. Needless to say, there must be a very special outfit on her wedding day too. Or rather several! Because the 30-year-old who was on Saturday 24 July at Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati, Italy Millionaire fiance Michael Lewis (62) She got married, and got several luxurious dresses from luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana tailored to her big day.

She married Princess Diana’s niece, Lady Kitty Spencer

All the clothes were more than impressive – but the design in which she stood in front of the altar was especially impressive. The dream top was reminiscent of many royal wedding dresses: the extravagant club sleeves were reminiscent of the majestic puffed sleeves of Kitty’s aunt Diana. The sea of ​​lace and the high-necked collar resemble the model that Peppa Matthews (37) sister Duchess Kate (39, née Kate Middleton). Kate’s long-sleeved dress with a semi-sheer top might be a model, too. Except that the kitty version looked a bit sinister with the lingerie bridge bosoms a beautiful contrast to the very strict Victorian style!

It all comes back! In the video above we once again show you the wedding dress that Grace Patricia von Monaco († 52) He once took everyone’s breath away which in turn took Duchess Kate as a model.

Lady Kitty Spencer wore several dream gowns

But the other looks in which the 30-year-old had the most beautiful day of her life were quite eye-catching. The Italian fashion duo who designed him gave a first impression of him on his Instagram account the day after the wedding. In a short clip showing the way of making luxury fashion, we get, in addition to the wedding dress, an elegant sky blue dress decorated with embroidered flowers, a green and white model with curtains, another cream lace dress with flower applications and a design seen with a golden top.

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Each of the exquisite pieces was of course handcrafted and served to celebrate the bride’s beauty, as the label confirms in the caption to the clip.

In another post you can see the bride looking in all her glory. “A look at the Alta Moda robes that Dolce & Gabbana created exclusively for Kitty Spencer on the most important day of her life,” the poster wrote of the photo. Alta Moda is practically the Italian version of French haute couture and is very exclusive. “The looks include a lace Victorian-inspired wedding dress.”

Last but not least, there’s also a closer look at one of the other dresses that Kate Spencer spent her big day in. The sky blue chiffon dress seen briefly in the video, appears to be worn by Kitty during dinner. But what’s more beautiful than a dream dress: this Happy rays on the bride’s face.

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