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New abuse allegations against pop singer R Kelly

New abuse allegations against pop singer R Kelly

According to court documents, the 54-year-old singer was said to have abused a 17-year-old boy as well as several underage girls.

A few weeks before the start of the planned trial against R. Kelly, 54, for alleged sexual assault, the New York attorney general is submitting new allegations against the singer. According to court documents, there are other cases of abuse of underage girls and young women, but a case with a 17-year-old girl was also mentioned for the first time, US media reported on Saturday.

Kelly is said to have met the male victim in Chicago in 2006, invited them home and abused them, wrote, citing documents filed Friday.

The prosecution wants to have in court the possibility to use the new allegations in the upcoming trial against Kelly. The trial is scheduled to begin August 9 with a jury selection.

The R&B (“I Think I Can Fly”) singer has been in detention since his arrest in 2019. The operation originally scheduled for May 2020 has been postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic. Kelly, who contests his innocence, is accused, among other things, of sexual assault and coercion against minors. Long indictments also against him in Chicago and Minnesota


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