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Linz Women’s Upper Austria: Wheelchair tennis is held in front of the curtain

Linz Women’s Upper Austria: Wheelchair tennis is held in front of the curtain

The largest women’s tennis tournament in Austria will be held from February 5 to 12 at the Linz Design Center. Local wheelchair tennis players are also given a proper stage.

Linz. The issue of “inclusion” is becoming increasingly important in society. The ladies of Austria Upper Linz are setting a good example and giving Austria’s strongest wheelchair tennis players Christina Piesendorfer and Vanessa Genuen the opportunity to showcase their sport on center court. The exhibition match takes place on Saturday, February 11, 2023 at approximately 3:30 PM. As in 2021, mixed doubles with WTA players are also planned. Austria’s best wheelchair tennis player, Nico Langmann, will also attend. The current number 24 in the world ranking presents his book How to Give Up a Dream to Win Your Life.

“Disabled sport is more than a hobby”

The Austrian personalities in women’s wheelchair tennis are already looking forward to the show match at the Design Center. For Vanessa Genewin, this event is an important step towards inclusion: “Unfortunately, many see disabled sports as just a hobby or a pastime – but the fact that we play at a professional level is often underestimated.” Colleague Christina Piesendorfer from Bad Ischl adds: “My concern is to make wheelchair tennis more popular and to motivate disabled athletes to play tennis. I am glad that tennis is included in this tournament.”

  • The performance of the first doubles in the center court caused excitement in the stands.
  • Photo: Alexander Schober/Getty
  • Uploaded by Clemens Flickr

“important program element”

Tournament Director Sandra Richell recalls the successful premiere of the wheelchair tennis event in 2021 and stresses its importance: “It is really important to me to showcase tennis in its entirety. It is no coincidence that our new initiative ‘Women in Business and Sport’ is also to include the theme of inclusion. So The most important women’s sporting event in Austria will be enriched with an important program item. On Friday, February 10, an all-day meeting will take place for the first time with various considerations on the situation of women’s sport in Austria. First-class guests from politics, sports and media serve as discussion partners. Under Ladieslinz. at Seminar tickets are available.

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