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Lots of improvisation at the Jazz and Groove Festival

Lots of improvisation at the Jazz and Groove Festival


Lowdens was all about jazz on the weekends. The three-day Jazz and Groove Festival was actually supposed to be held as an outdoor event, but the concerts were moved to headquarters gigs due to the cold and wet weather.

The Jazz & Groove Festival in Bludenz once again stands out for its diversity this year. “It is important to have a good mix of international and regional artists,” says Daniela Beck, head of the cultural department at Bludenz.

The Markus Pechmanns Brassmessery gave one of the most entertaining concerts of the festival. They had classic jazz songs, but also newly interpreted pop music in their repertoire. “The cool thing is that it’s high-quality music, but it’s still songs that people know and can sing along to. The combination makes it very entertaining,” says jazz saxophonist Fabio Defigili from Fraxerne.

Jazz and Groove Festival in Bludenz

Three evenings with local and international greats from jazz, funk and blues drew many music lovers to Bludenz over the weekend.

Much improvisation is required in jazz

Above all, jazz means improvisation. Das Huckepack only had one rehearsal before their concert at the festival in Bludenz. “I’m so used to it, actually. I’ve played at festivals where we didn’t decide what we were going to play until we had breakfast. You have to be very flexible in jazz,” says jazz musician Gregor Storff of Schwarzach.