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The honorary award goes to Aglaia Szyszkowitz from Graz

The honorary award goes to Aglaia Szyszkowitz from Graz

The 11th edition of the Kitzbühel Film Festival traditionally ended on Saturday evening with the presentation of the “Games Awards”. This time, for example, the documentary “Edelweiss” by Stella Radovan and Reda Majdin (camera/editing) was at the head of “The Platform”. The jury voted it the best Austrian production. Meanwhile, Slovenian film Inventory, about a man whose life turns out to be an illusion, won Best Feature Film.

“The criteria of influence, credibility and avoidance of stereotypes were decisive for us,” jury spokesman Heinrich Schafmeister explained about the final selection. Meanwhile, David Wagner was awarded the Best Director for an Austrian film for his first film, “Ismayre”. The Audience Award went to The Landlady, directed by Sebastien Brownis.

As is the case every year, this time too, the organizers received an honorary award. The award went to the Graz actress Aglaia Szyszkowitz, who was also a success in Germany and was in demand. “You could also describe Aglaya Sheskowitz as an interpreter of nature. Her goal is to show people the confusions and fractures,” director Michael Krehsel said enthusiastically in his laudatory speech. She thanked Szyszkowitz for the award and praised the event, saying, “This is where smart filmmakers come together, where we can connect and create new stories.” The Kitzbühel Film Festival takes place from Monday at various locations in Jamstadt.

The “New Homeland Film” festival in Freistadt, Upper Austria, awarded this year’s edition awards on Saturday. The feature film prize of €2,500 went to the Danish production “Stille Liv” by Melanie Choi. The Documentary Film Department has acquired the international co-production “Dolfa Girls” by Kawthar Ben Hania, which can look forward to 1,500 euros. Finally, the Youth Jury awarded the “Àma Gloria” prize to Maria Amachokili with a prize of 1,000 euros.

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