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love things |  Constantine movie 8 April 2022

love things | Constantine movie 8 April 2022

Showing in cinemas from July 7, 2022 / Trailer is now online (photo)

Munich (OTS) The new movie of the successful author and director Annika Decker With Elias Mubarak In the title role, he tells the turbulent love story of a famous actor who flees the media and his past, which turns his life upside down. love It is the story of trials and tribulations, love and betrayal and the happy realization that you can only be truly happy if you find yourself. Constantine movie begins love In the 7 July 2022 In German cinemas.

Here is the trailer:

Synopsis: Red carpet, spotlights, screaming fans, paparazzi chase for the best photo, camera crews waiting for interviews – the premiere is coming and Germany’s biggest movie star, Marvin Busch (Elias Mubarak), is eagerly awaiting. Only: Marvin won’t come. Because the interview with fast-paced journalist Bettina Bamberger (Alexandra Maria Lara) went horribly wrong and the star, who evaded the media, ended up in the feminist theater outside of the theater “3000” by Frida (Lucy Haynes), of all places, which is on the verge of extinction. Will Marvin, Frida and their friends succeed in saving the stage, restoring Marvin’s reputation, and most importantly giving love a chance?

love It is the first cooperation between Annika Decker and Constantin Film as part of their exclusive contract. Directed by Annika Decker, who also wrote the script. Next to Elias Mubarak belong too Lucy Haines, Perry Baumeister, Alexandra Maria Lara, Denis Muschito, Maren Kroemann, Jochen Schrupp, Lukas Reber, Anna Talbach, Rick Cavanian, Linda Popple, Michael Ostrovsky And many other guests on the cast are top notch.

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love is production Constantine movie In cooperation with Decker Bros LIEBESDINGS ARE PRODUCED BY Rudiger Bos And the Philip Reuter; Jan Decker And the Annika Decker Co-producers. The executive producer is Martin Moskowitz. LIEBESDINGS has been funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), Film Funding Agency (FFA), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF), Deutsche FilmFörderfonds (DFFF) as well as Rerun Culture.

Cinematic release: July 7, 2022, distributed by Constantin Film

Cast: Elias Mubarak, Lucy Haines, Perry Baumeister, Linda Buble, Maren Croeman, Alexandra Maria Lara, Denis Mochito, Paul Zeichner, Anna Talbach, Anton Weil, Jochen Schrupp, Lukas Rieber, Rick Cavanian, Michael Ostrowski and many more

Producers: Rudiger Boss, Philip Reuter

Co-Producer: Jan Decker, Annika Decker

Executive Producer: Martin Moskowitz

Screenplay: Annika Decker

Directed by Annika Decker

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