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Sale of Amanza Smith by Sunset: All About Her Face Tattoo

Sale of Amanza Smith by Sunset: All About Her Face Tattoo

Amanza Smith from the sale of Sunset got a face tattoo that meant something to her.

Getting a face tattoo is undoubtedly a big step. It always seems a little extreme, indicates that there is still an important story behind the tattoo, and it causes a stir, especially among the stars. (Remember Aaron Carter).

Amanza Smith, known from the Netflix series “Sell Sunset”, took the initiative and got a tattoo on his face. However, the letters are unrecognizable at first glance: the 45-year-old chose a place where you should look twice to see the tattoo:

She had the word “indomitable” tattooed on her jaw line. And now delicate lettering adorns Amanza Smith’s so-called “Jawline” – and she’s clearly proud of it.

Amanza Smith reveals her new face tattoo

real estate agent posting Instagram videosWhere she shows off her new tattoo. ““Go hard or go home,” she wrote in the caption, speaking of her “favorite tattoo.” I can only see it when I look for it! I’m crazy, but I’m not completely crazy! ”

According to the photos, Amanza Smith had more tattoos: the word “Mom” is now immortalized on her hand. She is 45 years old and a mother of two.

She also has a pierced pattern in her ear. The “Sunset Sale” star also has a fourth tattoo: the word “Prayer” can be seen on the back of her hand when she places her hands in the prayer position.

Season 5 of “Sunset Sale” begins April 22nd on Netflix.