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Lufthansa and shipping company MSC want to acquire ITA Airways

Lufthansa and shipping company MSC want to acquire ITA Airways

Lufthansa and Italian shipping group MSC want to acquire ITA Airways. The Italian airline said yesterday that the airline “has received an expression of interest from MSC Group and Lufthansa to acquire a majority stake in ITA Airways”.

As a result, Lufthansa and MSC are in favor of “the Italian government holding a minority stake in the company”.

ITA appeared from Alitalia

ITA Airways emerged from insolvent airline Alitalia. The company is currently 100 percent owned by the Italian state. Rome bought Alitalia in 2017, but for a long time did not find an investor for the airline. The pandemic made the company’s economic situation worse.

ITA Airways is now “satisfied that the work done in recent months to give the company better prospects is beginning to show the expected results.” The interest shown by Lufthansa and MSC shows that ITA Airways is now a “recognized airline”. “The board will consider details of the offer at an upcoming meeting.”

The shipping company confirms the information

MSC has confirmed the information provided by ITA Airways. It added that the shipping company “expressed its desire to acquire a majority stake” in the airline “to the Italian government”.

“We are a potential business partner of MSC,” a Lufthansa spokesperson confirmed. The airline has been trading as a potential investor in ITA for some time. However, the first attempt failed in early 2020.

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