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Singapore Airport plans to travel without a passport and boarding pass

Singapore Airport plans to travel without a passport and boarding pass

What seems unthinkable to many may become a reality in Singapore: traveling without important documents.

Before you start your trip, it is ideal to check that you have all your important documents, such as your boarding pass and passport. high However, this will soon no longer be necessary at Changi Airport in Singapore. The automated immigration control system should help make travel more convenient.

Traveling without documents

Singapore Airport, which was named Best Airport by Skytrax this year, already uses biometric technology and facial recognition software to simplify processes for passengers. Now, the imminent change next year is set to make travel even easier. The use of biometrics will create a unified authentication code for use at various automated locations, from baggage check-in to boarding.

Singapore will be one of the first countries in the world to introduce automated passport-free immigration procedures.

Josephine Teo, Minister of Communications of Singapore

Passengers at Changi Airport will be able to travel without a passport from next year

high CNN Josephine Teo, Singapore’s Communications Minister, announced that the planned changes aim to reduce passengers being required to repeatedly present their travel documents at various checkpoints. This is intended to make the process smoother and more convenient. However, it is not yet known how long the data collected for this process will be stored. Additionally, passports will still be required for countries that do not offer passport-free processing.

Where technology is still supported at the airport

Many airports around the world are already using various technology options to make travel more enjoyable and faster for passengers. The world’s first walk-through security scanner was recently rolled out at Frankfurt Airport. Here, the AI-based recognition software aims to automatically recognize metallic and non-metallic objects. There was also a technical innovation at BER Airport a few months ago. A facial scanner called “BER Traveler” allows quick access to priority security and eliminates the need for a passenger boarding pass.

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Face scanner at BER

Five years ago, Dubai International Airport also introduced biometric “smart gate” tunnels that use facial recognition to verify travelers’ identities in just five seconds. Travelers also have the option of using fingerprints or facial scans for identification instead of physical passports.

Conclusion on flying without a passport and boarding pass

Singapore’s Changi Airport plans to introduce an automated immigration control system that uses only biometric data. Once the biometric data is captured, passengers will no longer need to present their passports and boarding passes at various checkpoints. I’m excited to see how successful this system is and whether other airports around the world will adopt this concept.

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