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French Open 2023 Live In Tape: Novak Djokovic And Casper Rudd In Roland Garros Final – Live Score

French Open 2023 Live In Tape: Novak Djokovic And Casper Rudd In Roland Garros Final – Live Score

On June 11, the French Open will be in Paris in the final race. The men’s final is on the agenda.

Novak Djokovic meets Casper Rudd in the final. The match does not start before 14:30 CEST. Before that, the women’s doubles final will take place (from 11:30 am).

In case of victory, Djokovic will be the only record holder with 23 Grand Slam successes. It would also become number one in the world again.

French Open Championship

The French Open 2023 is live on TV and in the live stream at Eurosport

Updated 05/26/2023 at 2:50 PM It accompanies the last 15 days of the tournament in French Open in Paris Here we live in the bar!

men’s final

  • Novak Djokovic (SRB/3) – Casper Ruud (NOR/4) 7:6 (7:1), 6:3
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6:13pm: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 6:3, 4:5

A critical stage from Rudd’s point of view. 30:30. But he caught Djokovic on the wrong foot with a clever kick serve, forcing him to foul and earning the point at 40:30. Djokovic hits a backhand and he rode 5:4.

6:07 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 6:3, 4:4

Rod walks in returns and takes points. 0:30 into Djokovic’s serve. Then the Serb was lucky with a net reel. 15:30. With a world class serve, he equalized at 30:30. The game ball is followed by another great serve. 4:4.

The final scene! Rod tweener, Djokovic fails on the net

5:59 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 6:3, 3:4

Djokovic is better in the match than he was in the first half of the first set. Ruud plays more stable than the second set. It’s the best stage of the game except for the end of the first set. With the smash, Rudd turns 4:3. Everything stays open on the third sentence.

5:50pm: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 6:3, 2:3

Ruud goes into the net, but leaves half the court open and thus invites Djokovic to pass the ball. 40:40 when the Norwegian serves. But with the long line from one half of the field, the outfielder secures the ball. Turns with an ace make it 3: 2.

5:39pm: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 6:3, 1:1

At the start of the third set, Ruud often looks for a way to the net. Rally short, the Norwegian is looking for quick points. Djokovic gets to break the ball at 1:1 with the long line, but he can’t change it.

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5:25pm: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 6:3

Rod slide down into the net. Three more free kicks for Djokovic. A backhand from the baseline closes the bag. 6: 3 for Djokovic in the second round, and therefore 2: 0 after the sets.

Djokovic slams referees in final: “Why are you in such a hurry?”

5:21 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 5:3

Djokovic qualifies in the second leg and Ruud makes a mistake on the forehand. Two free kicks for Djokovic. But Ruud blocks both of them, turning the second hard with a forehand. He still won the match with a ratio of 3:5.

5:16 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 5:2

15:30 From the point of view of Djokovic’s serve, Ruud has chances and can win balls. But then he hits a backhand cross twice in a row. Then he has some bad luck when an emergency shot from Djokovic jumps the goal line and misses the shot right away. But the Norwegian missed some opportunities here.

5:10pm: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 4:2

Since the end of the first round, Rudd’s number of fouls has increased relatively large. Most importantly, the Norwegian is keeping up with Djokovic. Among other things, he convinces with a nice shot from the long lines and shortens them to 2: 4.

4:59 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 3:1

Rod stays tuned. The Norwegian easily wins the game to 1:3 in the second set.

4:52 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6, 2:0

Rod can avoid two break points. But after a tough run, Djokovic got his third chance with the long streak. From the baseline, the Serb acts with lightning speed and takes the serve from his opponent. 2-0 Djokovic.

The final scene! Rod tweener, Djokovic fails on the net

4:33 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 7:6

Five set pieces for Djokovic after an ace. Thanks to a forehand from half the court, he immediately converted the first. 7: 1 in the tie-break for Djokovic.

4:28 PM: Djokovic – Roud 6:6

Djokovic’s early short break in the tie-break made it 1-0. Then Ruud has two chances for a small break, but Djokovic hit the slide in front of the racket once and fouled once.

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4:26 PM: Djokovic – Roud 6:6

The first set will be decided in a tie-break. With a nice stop, Djokovic is 6: 6.

4:16 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 5:5

Ruud plays the defensive tackle as a center back and eventually gets the point. The ensuing wrecking ball was difficult to play, and Djokovic carefully placed it on the court, which Ruud tapped in with the cross all the way to the net. Djokovic still won the match after 0:30 to 5:5.

4:09 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 4:5

Important to Rod. The Norwegian has to get past his start, but brings his game home to make it 5:4. With the winner on the net, he turns the ball of the game in this all-out, hard-hitting combo.

What’s going on with Djokovic? Bitter foul in the final against Rudd

4:01 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 4:4

Very nice by Rod. Last year’s finalist gets the next break ball. Then Djokovic shook the ball over the head on the court, but Ruud’s pass was not strong enough, and Djokovic converted the ball to 40:40. The Serb finally scored from his own half of the field to make it 4:4.

3:52 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 3:4

After two backhand fouls by the Norwegian in a row, it’s 15:30 when Ruud serves. Then Djokovic has every chance to get two balls on the net, but misses the shot. Ruud misses the forehand and Djokovic at least has a chance to break. A world-class rally follows, at the end of which Rudd hits the smash this time. Djokovic regains the second half!

3:42 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 1:4

A short stat that proves Djokovic’s initial stage weakness. The Serbian’s first serve has only come off three times so far, and he’s already made 13 unneeded errors. But that shouldn’t hide the fact that Ruud has shown a great game so far. The Norwegian behaves patiently and plays his running strength to the limit. With the forward longline it turns out to be 4:1.

What’s going on with Djokovic? Bitter foul in the final against Rudd

3:34 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 0:3

Rod has to beat the devil after a double fault but in the end sticks to love. When it comes to the ball, Djokovic misses the second serve. This once again confirms his generally weak start. Rod starts more consistently.

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3:27 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 0:2

Djokovic is still behaving incorrectly. In the first two matches, the Serb has already had eight alleged fouls. So it is almost inevitable that the more stable Rod will take over for him. 2:0 rod.

3:20pm: Djokovic – Ruud 0:1

Djokovic has yet to find his rhythm. The Serb has already missed one or another opportunity to win a point. And after a forward foul, the two-time tournament winner has a break against him, but he fends it off with a brave long line. Go several times on debut.

The Finish: Hsieh and Wang take home the title – highlights

3:14 PM: Djokovic – Ruud 0:1

The match begins with Roode being dispatched. The Norwegian delivers his service without much difficulty. He runs the cue ball with a forehand winner from the baseline.

INFO: Djokovic – Ruud

Roll back to the roof over the chatter. The decision was made to open it again. Let’s hope the match can then be staged in dry conditions.

INFO: Djokovic – Ruud

Rain is expected for Paris at 4:00 p.m. The regulator leans forward and actually closes the roof over the chat. Therefore, the match will be held under internal conditions.

INFO: Djokovic – Ruud

The countdown is on. The final at Roland Garros will start soon. Novak Djokovic meets Casper Rudd. For the Serb it will be a legendary 23rd Grand Slam title. It will be a Norwegian premiere.

INFO: Hello

Welcome to the fifteenth and final day of the French Open at Roland Garros! Sebastien Wurz accompanies you during the final in Paris. It starts at 2:30 p.m.

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