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News from Lucas Oscar, ZINN, SOVIE and many more

News from Lucas Oscar, ZINN, SOVIE and many more

We have to think and dance so as not to be distracted: the good ZINN writes us a weekly sentence. Austrian Music Week at a glance.

Written by Lisa Schneider

It was a weekend sound park in Hamburg. A number of local acts performed at the Reeperbahn Festival (you can imagine it as a show and thus the equivalent of Vienna’s Waves Festival), including Pepiza, Cousins ​​Like Sheet and Anda Morts. Wear it!

But of course there was also a good program at home – on Sunday, for example, the wonderful singer Anna Mabo was a guest on FM4’s Favorites. We listened to Talking Heads and Bon Iver, among others, and clarified the important question of whether Anna wrote her song “Hello” as the little sister to Ver Sind Helden’s “Guten Tag” (spoiler: no, maybe).

More new music (videos):

Lucas Oscar – “Blooddog”

Klingeling, newcomer time. “Bloodhound is about the universal feeling of never being able to be satisfied, of navigating a world where high performance is always expected,” he wrote. Luke Oscar To release his first single “Bloodhound”. Close your eyes briefly and imagine your nose twitching. Lucas has been playing the piano since he was six years old, and somewhere in the press release it says “Alica Keys” and then even “The Voice Kids Germany.” You don’t have to know everything anyway, we are in the present and in this song, it is music that pushes tomorrow aside, a song about taking others by the hand and then blowing the whistle shortly afterwards. .

Tin – “The End of the World”

Finally again TinWell, of course, when the leaves start rustling and we have a little more time to think (maybe). “Summer is coming to an end, and it’s time for the apocalypse dance,” they sing. So dance and whisper “Vanitas” in the other person’s ear, or if you don’t like exaggerated Latin vocabulary, you might prefer “YOLO.” A new album from ZINN will be released in December with the once again wonderfully unpronounceable title “Chthuluzän”. According to the band, this first song is one that can be embraced. What is best?

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Rich, low-life kids – “crippled”

“Paralysed, Wake Up, Feel Trapped”: Someone caught in a Groundhog Day situation, well, if not a feature film, make a video about it. There are people who write and sing and subscribe to Problems instead of Vogue and have already racked their brains over it. Because if that’s the case, then the words vying for German spelling have already peaked: after “paralyzed” there are nice things like “checked” and “anger.” Rich kids low life They didn’t choose their name for nothing.

Sofi – “weightless”

Something from the “new and good” category again. Maybe you were there when Sophie Along with other friends from the music group around Verified, they performed on the FM4 frequency to make some statement (ahem, percentage of women in the lineup). But maybe not, and then you’ll recognize them by now: SOVIE — the ‘v’ pronounced like a very soft ‘w’ — writes songs that would have been saved to a playlist in the Renaissance Between We are Heroes and July, we’re free to do so by Pop music. “Exhale deeply and inhale,” a favorite phrase of the therapist, you can also consider here: Stay with yourself.

It’s also good to know

  • “Welcome to Cherry Land,” he writes. Glory On Instagram, he himself is speechless upon the release of his debut album, and hopefully fans will be very early.
  • Austrian music’s favorite cousins ​​probably reacted in the same way when they released their debut album “Avant Trash” last Friday. Cousins ​​like shit Or the band we’d all love to be friends with.
  • We’re currently getting a lot of songs on the subject of “not taking life too seriously.” basfood I sent one from Hamburg, saying “Forever now“.
  • “A coming-of-age song with 2000s vibes” hits home Pandey with “A stronger person“Written.
  • Things are going well for Krystle at the moment: she’s releasing a new single on Friday, a debut album is out next February, and now her first book of poetry is out (“I Think I Hate Myself”).Published by Haimon Verlag.
  • Via Brazil and Austria to London: this is a kind of star’s dream FijiNew song “karaoke“It seems that way too.
  • “Austro-Noise since 2006” is a good caption on Instagram, the new album “Opus” by the artist Hidden with grapes Of course it complies.
  • On Thursday evening we spoke to Laundromat Chicks about their new vinyl release, reflected on how well Swift Circle has taken over Swift Circle’s label as of Sunday, and found out who Rektor Bust actually is and what his music sounds like. Also: New songs from Ant Antic, Beaks, ZINN, Low Life Rich Kids and Lukas Oscar.
  • On Sunday’s FM4 Soundpark night with Stefan Treichler, there were extensive interviews and listening sessions with Texta and Monobrother as well as an extended version of the current FM4 Schnitzelbeats.