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Mesut Özil must have a concession from the United States

Mesut Özil must have a concession from the United States

  • Andre Oxner
    04/22/2022 – 1:58 pm
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    Source: TRT Spore

Following his suspension, Mesut Ozil faces an uncertain future at Fenerbahce. Apparently, the former German national is likely to switch to Major League Soccer.

Ridwan Tillman presents new dialogue topics in the case of Mesut Özil. “I know of an interest from Los Angeles. I have already seen the news written about this,” the 59-year-old said while spreading rumors on the Turkish TRT Sport.

Los Angeles FC leads the rankings after seven games in the western part of Major League Soccer. Tillman says Ozil will be guaranteed at least a decent salary in Los Angeles.

Fenerbahce suspended Özil a month ago for no reason. Ozil’s tense relationship with coach Ismail Kardal is said to have been a decisive factor in this drastic move. President Ali Kok recently turned down the 33-year-old for wanting him to rejoin the team in the future.

Rumors of change are Ozil’s constant companion. There has been talk of a possible change in the United States for some time. Inter Miami is also said to be interested in working with its celebrity owner David Beckham.

Ozil made his amazing move to Fenerbahce in January 2021, but never lived there to the highest standards. Counsel Erkut Sögüt declined to consider a transfer to Özil at the end of March: “Mesut has not gone anywhere and he certainly has no intention of leaving. He will remain at Fenerbahce for two more years until his contract expires.”