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Michael Herrich honored with the Gold Medal of Merit from the State of Vienna » Leadersnet

Michael Herrich honored with the Gold Medal of Merit from the State of Vienna » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| September 19, 2023

At the ceremony, the Managing Director of FHWien der WkW was honored for his achievements in the field of education.

Michael Herrich, Managing Director of FHWien der WKW, was awarded the Gold Medal of Merit by the State of Vienna in mid-September. Family members, friends and co-workers of the honoree participated in the awards ceremony at Vienna City Hall. “This honor was only possible with the support of many people,” Herrich said as he thanked me. “Without cooperation, many of my successes would not have been possible.” Barbara Kluger-Scheider of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce gave a commendatory speech, and state parliament member Peter Florianschutz presented the medal and certificate.

It helped the educational institution in Vienna grow

The Styrian native began his career in the armed forces. Twelve years later, he moved to the Foreign Office and worked primarily in Vienna, Paris, The Hague and Brussels. He later joined the American Motorola Group as controller and authorized signatory. In 2003 he moved to FHWien der WKW and in 2006 took over management. The number of graduates of the University of Applied Sciences specializing in management and communication increased from 2,000 to more than 13,600 during his tenure. “The award represents an incentive for me to remain very active in my field of activity and to search for innovations,” Herrich said in his acceptance speech.

This is not Herrich’s first award this year. In March, he was voted Best Crisis Manager in Education for the second time (leadersnet mentioned).

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You can find impressions of the award ceremony in the gallery.