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Pietro Lombardi mit dieser Influencerin in Wien gesichtet

Pietro Lombardi spotted with this influencer in Vienna

Singer Pietro Lombardi appears to be there Vienna! And it seems he’s not alone, because he’s allegedly been with an acquaintance Austrian influencer On the road.

Additionally, the 29-year-old reported a short update from his social media break.

Spotting Pietro Lombardi in Vienna

Just a few weeks ago, singer Pietro Lombardi announced that he is Withdrawing from social media will. He needs a break from Instagram & Co. Instagram & Co fans suspect a breakup with influencer Laura Maria Rypa plays a role. Because the so-called vacation together has recently caused a great deal of excitement and speculation about the return of love. Now there are once again rumors that Pietro could be taken again with an influential Austrian figure. Together with Doina Barbaneagra, the 29-year-old was spotted in Vienna. There are pictures from a stroll through downtown at Todaynewspaper before. Fans are sure that this is a fashion influencer.

In any case, you can find it on the Instagram accounts of the two There is no evidence that they were traveling together. But Pietro and Doina are at least following each other, and the 29-year-old also loved some of the influencer’s photos.

Petro reports with an update of the social media outage

In addition to the shots from Vienna, Pietro also talks on Instagram and confirms that he is or has already been in Vienna. Although the 29-year-old is actually taking a break from Instagram, he gives his fans a quick update to let his fans know he’s okay. In his story he published rather ambiguous words. “Surround yourself with people who are good for you and at the same time distance yourself from people who don’t,” the singer said. What does that mean?

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He also writes that he is doing a really good job and that he had two appointments in Vienna and He also met friends there. After that, he appears to be moving to Tyrol, he writes. However, the singer did not reveal any other details.