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Miriam Okoroigo is the new Managing Director of Aumaerk

 Miriam Okoroigo is the new Managing Director of Aumaerk

Austrian meat processing company Aumaerk appoints longtime production manager Miriam Okoroigo as managing director under trade law. In addition to production management, the chef is now also responsible for further development of the product range. Born in Germany, she has been part of the Aumaerk team in Vienna since 2016 and played a major role in the company’s development. Dr. said. Harald Neumaerker who founded the company. Miriam Okoroigo is looking forward to the new challenge – especially since “Meat processing is still a traditional male subject”.

41-year-old Miriam Okoroigo grew up in Kiel, where “I learned to cook from the ground up” It completed all the stops you should be familiar with in the kitchen. Her career to date has included the Hilton Vienna Danube, Reinhard Gerrer Palazzo, and Vienna Dom Bisel under Harald Riedel.

Ready-to-eat meat dishes

Aumaerk produces ready-to-eat meat dishes for gastronomy and end consumers. On offer are 13 types of meat and three products for sauces, which are refined in a complex process and then have to be cooked only according to the instructions. Do not use any preservatives or flavor enhancers.

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