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Hubert Wallner has opened a new restaurant on Lake Wörthersee

Hubert Wallner has opened a new restaurant on Lake Wörthersee

Four-toed chef Hubert Wallner has opened his new restaurant on Lake Wörther.

Gentle extravagance hovers over the entire “Hubert Wallner Gourmet Restaurant,” which is only open year-round except February, and can be experienced especially at Chef’s Table. There is no chef’s table like anywhere else, and not just because of the great view: the chef’s table is like an art toy with light and, which magically uses light to enhance both the elegant design table and glass cutlery series and give culinary creations a whole new stage on display. With its glass ceiling, Hubert Wallner’s Chef’s Table is finally an elegant mirror cabinet for 7-course tasting menus per person €185 – accompanying wine €120. – | Cover 8.- (Can only be booked in person by staff for 2 to 10 people).

Perfect place for a big show. Both Wallner’s Alpe-Adria kitchen, which is more imaginatively interpreted, as well as for the guests themselves, are in a panoramic location on the south bank above Lake Wörthersee, which – as an alternative to the car – makes access by taxi boat an elegant introduction. In the light-flooded restaurant, which opens onto an exclusive terrace (32 seats each, terrace for events up to 80, with a 140 seat tent), elegant shades of blue, red and beige define the very open atmosphere with plenty of space between exclusively designed tables. Changing displays of painting, as initially by Manfred Bockelmann and – last but not least – “Gourmet Stammtisch” with its colorful accessories provide colorful accents. The real focus of Hubert Wallner’s new gourmet restaurant for 32 guests is of course the kitchen, the quality of which has been further improved. The range of creations is reflected in a 5- and 7-course menu, but à la carte orders are also possible.

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An added bonus is the wild-caught Wörthersee fish right in front of the restaurant as its ‘special dish’. In a category of its own is also the “Wagen Park” elaborately stocked with aperitif carts, cheese carts (20-30 varieties), petit fours and digestive cars, each with its own signature. Famous cooking courses will also be held in the new restaurant, guest appearances by other celebrity chefs and several culinary-themed evenings.

Proven team of Saag Times and exciting newcomers

The former Saag restaurant team, which has moved to the South Bank, ensures continuity of quality and service. For example, sommelier Andreas Katona, who takes care of the air-conditioned white and red wine compartment or the champagne cellar containing about 5,000 items, which will soon be joined by an exclusive sparkling wine from the best Viennese winemaker Fritz Weininger as a limited edition Wallner . The service is led by restaurant manager Daniela Zuzek, and Oliver Drog, who previously cooked at Amador’s Restaurant, is now a new second chef. The absolute star of the pastry shop shooting is Marcus Walder, who during the construction phase of the Wallner Restaurant supplied German pastry chef Tim Tegtmeier with sumptuous desserts.

Our working hours:

June July August Monday to Friday – kitchen from 6 pm to 9 pm (kitchen reception), Saturday, warm meals from 1 to 9 pm (kitchen reception), day off: Sunday

March to May and September to January: Wednesday to Friday Kitchen 6pm to 9pm (kitchen reception), Saturday, hot meals from 1 to 9pm (kitchen reception), days off: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Company leave: February as well as 24, 25, 26 and 1 January

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