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Movie review - 'They Want Me Dead': Angelina Jolie swings an ax

Movie review – ‘They Want Me Dead’: Angelina Jolie swings an ax

If American actresses are big stars, their careers threaten to falter from about 40 years old. Since this age, Hollywood has become ruthless in dealing with women and their roles. They are too old for a young sweetheart, often too young for the role of mother, a core that sometimes leads to an evasion of stereotypes in other genres, as in the present case: Angelina Jolie, 46, got into a B movie, that is somewhat The pillar of her previous career as an action hero. Lara Croft, 20 years later, that might be the subtitle.

But stop! You don’t want to be unfair. After all, Jolie plays this role within the group that is still the least like woodcuts. She is firefighter Hannah, who is traumatized that one day a fire cost the lives of children due to her wrong decision. She tries to cover up her suffering with cruel slogans: So the lonely hard-boiled man is allowed to say, under the supervision of Taylor Sheridan (“Sicario”, “Hell Or High Water”) and based on Michael Coretta’s novel. , sentences such as: “I am not unfair to a man I have seen tossed into the woods.”

The movie Warner is now putting out on Sky instead of the cinema is a country movie like this Sager. The villains are set in the wake of a young boy named Connor (Finn Little) in the mountains of Montana, whose father has already been murdered. However, he still gives his son his secret, which may upset politicians, with him on the way.

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Since Hana is also in the area to fight the inner demons, she bumps into a fleeing Connor from the brutal persecutors. A game of cat and mouse begins in the forest, which reaches its climax when a forest fire of epic breadth erupts and threatens everyone involved. Opponents act like wild wolves: passing Jack (Aiden Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult) corpses would also kill pregnant women and children for their clients without blinking an eyelid. What Sheridan is showing here is disgustingly brutal, and you never know if the director wants to make a real action movie or an exaggerated and extreme movie. What the killers are actually looking for remains unclear, MacGuffin in Hitchcock’s best lore, was not masterfully crafted.


As a survival thriller, “They Want Me Dead” is thrillingly presented, the characters stay flat and monosyllable, but this inevitably belongs to the genre. There is also a bit of criticism of America (“We’re in Montana, we can assume someone’s armed”). There is the conclusion of a violent brawl, and before the fire reaches its climax, we see Mrs. Julie also skillfully brandishing an axe. You may want to watch the movie for that alone. Or because she was struck by lightning twice and still looks good afterwards. After all: Angelina Jolie was and still is pretty good for a good dose of work. This enables her to continue making films like this in anti-aging Hollywood: Jolie cuts a great character as a fastidious, bloody heroine and doesn’t give up on the action heroine, even Hollywood has to realize. She is the lady of illusion and the aesthetics of a tormented combative nature.

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