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Unrestricted Bregenz Festival

Unrestricted Bregenz Festival


Tickets are still available

by Karl Heinz Steer

(02.06.2021) The new regulations of the Austrian Federal Government make it possible: Rigoletto and all other productions of the Bregenz 2021 Festival can take place without restricting the number of visitors. All festival guests must be vaccinated, retrieved or tested, on game evenings 3-G is checked in the front yard of the festival hall.

Program Brochure Bregenz Festival 2021
Photo: Bregenz Festival


Whether you look at the tethered balloon installed today or this festival season – things are getting better on every level: all production takes place, and seats don’t have to remain empty. “The grounds are set to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bregenz Festival and an unforgettable summer,” says director Elizabeth Sobotka. “We are especially happy that Rigoletto’s goofy head accompanies us through the season again. Many of the artists associated with us are returning to Bregenz. To me, this is a clear sign of your appreciation for this festival and a big salute to the entire team.”

Since last Friday’s announcement that restrictions would be significantly eased on July 1, demand at the ticket center has increased significantly. “Many have responded directly to this positive decision,” says commercial director Michael Deem.

The Bregenz Festival is currently developing a comprehensive prevention concept that should be ready by the end of the month. One thing is already clear: According to the 3G rule, only visitors who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered are allowed. Four checkpoints give you access to the front yard of the Festspielhaus, which is closed on Rigoletto evenings.

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The Bregenz Festival attracts the 75th season with a diverse program that presents the new, the tried and tested in a wide range. The opera at Festspielhaus Nero opens Bregenz Festival 2021 on July 21. The next day, the play on Lake Rigoletto celebrates with its first performance on the lake platform. A total of 115,000 tickets have already been sold and an additional 65,000 tickets have been booked. There are still tickets available for sale.

Bregenz Festival 2021 will take place from July 21 to August 22, tickets and information at Telephone (0043) 5574 4076.