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You are the second winner!  This is how Valentina was after the final

You are the second winner! This is how Valentina was after the final>Broadcast>

Valentina just missed my “let’s dance” win.

Valentina Bahdi Almost Arrived: GZSZ Actress lands in “Let’s Dance” 2021 with her dance partner FifthValentine Lysine But then only in second place. And this, even though she runs the unbelievable in the end: The jury gave a full 90 points, making her one of the five best-ever nominees for “Let’s Dance”! Therefore, there is no need to mourn the 26-year-old, as evidenced in the interview immediately after the decision was made. You can see what she thinks about her runner-up in the video above.

Valentina Bahdi’s dream has come true

Valentina Pahde gave the best performances week after week in the parquet “Let’s Dance” and at the end of the day the jury rewarded her with a full 90 points for her performance in the final. If you collect all the points she danced, she is one of the top 5 professional dancers on “Let’s Dance”. Incidentally, this performance is also recognized by absolute dance professionals, as Valentin Lucien explained to us after the final. He has made it clear often that he’s proud of Valentina. But he also got these comments from his colleagues: “My cell phone exploded today with all the choreographers from all over Germany. They all write how good the day’s performance was.”

However, the two are not sad. Valentine is still very close to the Dance Cup – Because his wife Renata is on the podium with Rick. And this comforted the professional dancer: “Of course I will treat my beloved, I love her more than anything else!”

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