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Spielberg: There was a good atmosphere at the over 30 party at the castle

Spielberg: There was a good atmosphere at the over 30 party at the castle

This time too, the famous “Friday Dance” once again created a lively festive atmosphere among many guests. At the famous Ü-30 concert, DJ Soundfire introduced the audience to his sound dating back four decades.

Spielberg. You might think that for a lot of people they belong Dance evenings every Friday Already ready for the start of a successful weekend. Because you often meet many guests in the castle that evening.

No wonder the concept of castle boss Birgitte Neumann works perfectly. Because here every Friday is the perfect opportunity for everyone Dance lovers He ordered them Dancing skills to Improves, dance exuberantly and also copy one or two other couples’ dance characters. But one thing was always at the forefront: Hazar And the cheerful While dancing, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

DJ Soundfire on turntables

Last Friday the slogan was the famous Ü-30 party DJ Soundfire She once again has the biggest hits in four decades in her bag. He showed great sensitivity to the wishes of many visitors. With his mix of songs from Discofox, Cha cha cha, Samba, Boogie and Co. dance styles, he has already succeeded in attracting dancing couples to the dance floor. But of course the open dance sound couldn’t be missing, and it really was Every taste Something there.

Anyone who thinks that things will now be quieter in and around the castle is very wrong. There is still one left this month Friday dance We’ve already come up with a lot of ideas for the program and for December. So you can get excited and you should definitely visit the castle or two in the coming Fridays.

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