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Natalie Falk: After the breakup: a secret message to your ex?

Natalie Falk: After the breakup: a secret message to your ex?

Natalie Falk and Timur Akbulut’s split continues to pose a mystery. Now the former GNTM participant has posted encrypted messages on Instagram.

She seems to have no luck in love: Ex-“Next Topmodel in Germany“candidate Natalie Faulk (24) He already had failed engagements at a young age. The youngest with ex-husband Timur Akbulut (43 years old) is still very new, it is still unclear about it. After the couple deleted all the couple photos from their Instagram accounts, Nathalie shared a new photo about it Shortly thereafter to be removed again. Her current posts on her Instagram story also raise questions.

In the video above, Natalie Falk reports from the hospital shortly after the split.

‘I Won’t Cry For You’: Natalie Falk’s End of Love

On the one hand, she shares a photo with the phrase “I won’t cry for you, expensive mascara,” and on the other hand a photo with a quote from Howard Howard Hughes (70): “Money can’t buy you happiness.” But Natalie Falk changed it and replaced it with “No.” Money can create an identity for you.” What does the 24-year-old mean by that?

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After the breakup: Natalie Falk searches for her identity

The harsh words with mascara are clearly addressed to her ex-husband. But the question of identity remains a secret for Natalie Foulkes for now. Isn’t it a secret message to Timor, for whom she moved to Turkey? In an interview with “”, the former GNTM participant said before moving on: “Money is not everything, and I will give everything I have for Timur in this and in the next life, because he shows me what love is, and I feel protected by him. I’ve found a new family that respects and is loyal to me.”

Natalie Falk on her love for her ex-husband: ‘I loved him but…’

At least that’s what the statement said before the breakup. Because loyalty and identity are two things that Natalie Falk is clearly searching for in vain after the end of love. Money doesn’t make you happy either, as you did during your relationship with a businessman Frank Otto (64) learned. In search of herself, the 24-year-old withdrew to New York for the time being. And even if her mascara application speaks harsh language, the breakup is clearly gnawing at her.

Shortly after snapping a magical photo of the model wearing a white dress in front of the New York skyline, Natalie Faulk became… Get into the hospital. From there she communicated with her fans. She also revealed in an interview with about her relationship with rock musician Hells Angels: “I loved him, but he never loved me that way again.”

Despite the breakup: That's why he keeps in touch with ex-Natalie Falk

In an interview with, Frank Otto talks about his ex-wife Natalie. You can find out what he has to say in the video.

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