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That's why 'Eternals' should be the worst Marvel movie

That’s why ‘Eternals’ should be the worst Marvel movie

When compared to other Marvel films, the Oscar-winning Eternals, Chloe Zhao, scored the worst according to reviews, which is a big surprise.

“eternal” It is the twenty-sixth film of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) And there is still some time, but soon Marvel fans will finally be able to enjoy the most promising comic adaptation. In the 3. November 2021 The superhero movie begins in cinemas and we hope it will be able to inspire audiences, because according to critics, the Eternals is currently the worst movie in the MCU.

may “eternal” Not It became the best MCU movie, but still united a top-notch crew that could improve the cinema experience. We interviewed some of the actors. You can see the result in the video.

Marvel Eternals: Is Superman in the MCU?

On the well-known rating platform rotten tomatoes The Marvel movie has a 60% rating out of over 120 reviews. This puts the comic book mod behind it Thor: The Dark Kingdom One was the MCU’s worst flick so far with a rating of 66%. Of course, this is only a snapshot and there will certainly be many reviews that can affect the value. In addition, audience opinions are still missing, which may differ significantly from critics.

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However, this negative record is definitely anything but what Marvel officials had hoped for. After all, there are so many A-list stars on board, and only Oscar-winner Chloe Chao gave “Eternals” (“Nomadland”).

“Eternal”: These are the criticism points

It is known that tastes can be debated and that 60% is not a very bad value when viewed rudely, but critics had to criticize some aspects of “eternal”. cute – good The first voices were somewhat mixed. One of the biggest criticisms is said to be the length of the film, which is an impressive 157 minutes. During this period of time, director Zhao shouldn’t be able to constantly inspire the audience. Perhaps the reason for this is the plot, which seems chaotic and slow at times.

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However, the positive aspects that make the movie so unique are also mentioned. Above all, the characters are distinguished and they must deliver great entertainment value. In some reviews, the scenes that make the comic book adaptation so special were praised. In the end, everyone has to have their own image of “eternity”. It is possible, among other things, that high expectations are to blame for the fact that the film was not well received by famous critics.

Now it’s your turn. How well do you know your way around the MCU? Find out in our final test:

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