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Netflix star has both breasts amputated

Netflix star has both breasts amputated

Miranda McKeown, who played Josie Bay on the Netflix series “Anne With an E,” announced this summer that she has stage 3 breast cancer.

Teen actress Miranda McKeown, who starred in the hit series “Anne With an E,” shared the latest news about her treatment plan on Instagram Wednesday, just months after opening up about her trauma diagnosis.


The young actress decided to have a double mastectomy to prevent cancer from getting a chance.

Miranda, a student at the University of Southern California, shared a photo of herself in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco – where the operation will take place today – and shared her positive view of the procedure.


She wrote: “Today is the important day!!!” I arrived in San Francisco for the operation I had been anticipating for nearly 5 months.

I will have a double mastectomy – an operation that removes all of the breast tissue from under the skin on both sides and some lymph nodes on my right side. This will eliminate any cancer and greatly reduce the risk of a recurrence in the future. It also means I will be cancer free! “

The actress – who first revealed she had stage 3 breast cancer last summer after finding an unusual lump in her breast – has shared some details about the procedure, saying it won’t resolve until ten hours of meeting surgeons and reading. On the hunt for the OP.

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