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Two Years Together: Lenny Klum shares a sweet kiss photo

Two Years Together: Lenny Klum shares a sweet kiss photo

Lenny Klum (17 and you Aris Rashevsky Anniversary celebration! At the end of last year, I made a beauty for her in an interview public relation. different from her mother Heidi Klum (48) Whom do you love to marry? Tom Kaulitz (32) Celebration in public places lasts lenny Again with two photos, however. Even more surprising is this footage, which shows the model and his partner a turtle in the sea.

Share the two special shots lenny Now in her Instagram-a story. The two are clearly enjoying their collaboration and seem totally happy together. However, the couple is not in a new state of love. “Two years with you,” the 17-year-old wrote of the intimate photos. It was not previously known exactly how long she had been with her Appear together.

A year ago she knew she was serious about the American hockey player Vogue magazineAn interview reveals. Appear Not only at this point Heidi Already met, but also smooth grandfather Gunther Klum (76). ‘He made a nice impression’Businessman gave the couple his grace.

Leni Klum bei der About You Berlin Fashion Week September 2021
Lenny Klum and boyfriend Aris Rashevsky
Lenny Klum with her boyfriend
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