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“Suliab” Exhibition: Experiences of Filipino Nurses – News

“Suliab” Exhibition: Experiences of Filipino Nurses – News

The project was implemented by this community of health workers as part of the WIENWOCHE Art Festival.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

written 1 hour ago

By W24 editorial team

What expectations do Filipino nurses have when coming to the Western world? Filipino-Viennese artist Chelsea Amada wants to show this with the project “Sulyap” on the ÖGB Catamaran as part of WIENWOCHE. In a panel discussion and here in a hybrid form of installation, short film and exhibition, the focus is on Filipino nurses who have migrated. The artist herself is also the daughter of a nurse from the Philippines.

“Sulyap” means “take a look” in Filipino and the personal project of the same name wants to do just that. Take a look at the interconnections between immigration and system work.

More exhibitions and workshops under the theme “It’s Cold in Here” at the WIENWOCHE Art Festival can be visited without barriers and with free entry until September 24.

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