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New conductor Maestro Mollwitz promises Berlin “big ears”

New conductor Maestro Mollwitz promises Berlin “big ears”

As one of the three main groups in the German capital, Konzerthausorchester Berlin is about to start over. The 36-year-old Joanna Mallowitz will be in charge of the artistic fortunes as the main captain for next season. The audience should “get really big ears,” Mallwitz promised Wednesday in Berlin when the schedule was introduced.

There will be two new variations of this in the building on the Gendarmenmarkt in the heart of Berlin. Mallwitz had already developed expert concert coordination at her workplaces in Erfurt and Nuremberg. First in excerpts for grand piano, with interpretations and finally with the whole orchestra, Mallwitz takes works from musical literature, for example by Stravinsky, Mendelssohn or Beethoven.

There are also “Night Sessions” developed by Mallowitz and her team “especially for the concert hall”. There, the conductor and the orchestra want to combine lesser-known music as a mix, including the Beatles. “Good music is good music, no matter what era or style it comes from,” Mallowitz said. The new maestro wants to introduce herself to the public over several days with the program “Mostly Mallwitz”.

The house focuses on the early works of Kurt Weill (1900-1950). Mallwitz would also record the symphonies, which are rarely performed compared to stage works, with the orchestra as part of their new contract with Deutsche Grammophon at the Konzerthaus.

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