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ARK 2 (Survival & Crafting) von Studio Wildcard

New trailer reveals delayed release period

What we’re seeing in the new trailer for the prehistoric survival adventure Ark 2 isn’t anything tangible. Information about the delayed release should still be interesting enough.

Ark 2: But there’s no more release this year – but Vin Diesel is in the trailer

The disappointment that we won’t be able to look forward to Ark 2 until next year has undoubtedly brought with it a preview of a new trailer, presented at Studio Wildcard’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. At the same time, this does not convey such initially bad possibilities. In the primal environment, once again heavily detailed, we encounter Vin Diesel a barbarian, roaming the vast world aboard a T-Rex. We have to thank the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 graphics, which impressively deliver even the tiniest muscle of the action star.

In Ark 2, as the player, we slide into this steel structure where, in the role of tribal warrior Santiago, we must not only ensure our survival, but also our daughter Meeka, who we also see in a tractor. However, we do not follow a boring story, but have the opportunity to make our own decisions.

New features and gameplay elements announced

In the show, the developers talk about some fundamental innovations regarding the game mechanics of Ark 2. From now on, the player will only be able to move in the third person view, for which both the controls and player movements have completely redesigned creatures. Follow genre pioneers like Doctrine killer or Breath of the wild You want to allow us to explore the world of Ark 2 as freely as possible.

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The combat system is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise with a new focus on dribbling and attacking, in the spirit of the Souls games. Heavy attacks with giant dinosaurs are supposed to feel as heavy and sharp as you can imagine.

The so-called world events system is also new. With this one hopes to unwind the sometimes boring world and free it from the game’s too static feeling. Dynamic scenarios such as gathering at water points or searching for prey provide the necessary diversity. So is the building system, which is a big part of it, part one Astronomy It is said to have been expanded and individualized even further.

Modifications should provide more variety

While mods are a staple of many PC titles these days when it comes to squeezing the last spark of fun out of a game you’ve played for hundreds of hours, the developers are preparing the new feature of fully user-generated stackable mods that’s a game changer apart from that, taking the title An important step in the right direction, because official mod support is also easy for gamers who aren’t using a PC.

Ark Part 1 is already packed with PC mods where possible. The developers hope for endless fun, because with the help of mods in Ark 2 it is no longer possible to make only minor changes to the game. Whether cards, creatures, weapons, objects or even game mechanics, such as a third-person perspective, can be freely adapted to the player’s wishes.

Thanks to Unreal 5’s powerful engine, there should be no limits to our imagination and constantly player-generated content should bring a breath of fresh air to Ark 2, which will be released next year as part of Xbox Game Pass for Xbox, Xbox and PC.

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