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Niger: the leader of the military junta wants an interim government

Niger: the leader of the military junta wants an interim government

The new ruler in Niger, Abderrahmane Tiane, wants to form an interim government that must remain in office “for no more than three years.” Prior to this, Tianyi announced on state television last night that he will hold an “inclusive national dialogue” within 30 days, in consultation with all Nigerians. Based on that, they want to draw up a new constitution, according to Tianyi. The leader of the military council stressed that decisions would be taken “without external interference.”

A few hours earlier, Tianyi had met for the first time with a delegation from the West African Community (ECOWAS) in the Nigerian capital, Niamey. The delegation also visited President Mohamed Bazoum, who was arrested by the putschists.

The day before, the Economic Community of West African States had announced that the Confederation of States was ready for military intervention if the putschists did not restore constitutional order. A target date for the mission has been set, but not publicly announced. In response, the putschists said they had developed a defense strategy with “concrete measures” with Mali and Burkina Faso. Mali and Burkina Faso, like Niger, have been under military rule since coups in their countries.

However, ECOWAS stressed that the search for a peaceful solution should remain a priority. A military operation will only be necessary if this fails. After the coup d’état in Niger on July 26, the Confederation of States demands that President Bazoum, who was overthrown and is under house arrest, be reinstated.