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Nutritional experience: These foods are contaminated with contaminants

Nutritional experience: These foods are contaminated with contaminants

In his new show, Enki von Willmsdorf takes a closer look at the supposedly healthy fruit
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With “Experience Food: What do we really eat?” ProSieben reporter Jenke von Wilmsdorff dares to try again on TV

For 14 days, the journalist ate food that was available in every supermarket and at first glance seemed healthy. In fact, much of it is tainted with pollutants, like the 56-year-old in ProSieben Report reveal.

Contaminants in food and their effect on the body

Toxins hide in fruits, vegetables, and almost all foods. There are a total of five types of pollutants in our food. But what are they? And what do they do with our bodies?

‘Dirty Dozen’: These foods are the most contaminated

The twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables are referred to as “Dirty Dozen”. In the video, pesticide expert Lars Neumeister explains what these and which other foods are still highly contaminated with contaminants.

Healthy fruit or toxic pesticide stoves?

Many people think bananas are healthy. But in fact it looks completely different. Toxic pesticides are used on banana plantations. This is not only harmful to the fruit, but also to the workers on the farm.

Use of pesticides in vineyards

You can find pesticides in many foods — as well as in drinks. Drinks such as beer and wine are heavily contaminated.

What contaminants were detected in Jenke’s body?

In order to try it, Jenke von Wilmsdorff ate food that was proven to be contaminated for 14 days. But what did he do with his body? What pollutants are detected in his body?

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