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Octet presents “plehak” |  fr |  08/25/2023 |  23:03

Octet presents “plehak” | fr | 08/25/2023 | 23:03

The history of the Viennese Synesthetic Octet around the clarinetist and composer Vincent Pongrácz begins in 2013 with a series of concerts in the Viennese jazz club Porgy & Bess. The lineup has not changed to this day. In addition to Pongrach, Doris Nicoletti, flute, Clemence Salsny, soprano saxophone and clarinet, Richard Koster, trumpet, Peter Romm, guitar, Manu Meyer, electric bass and Lucas Koenig, drums can be heard. The band members belong to different genres such as contemporary classical music, jazz and hip hop. This musical variety, along with original compositions by Vincent Pongrache, make for sound fireworks. Jazz meets hip-hop and dubstep, thus being at the heart of young international jazz musicians from London to Chicago.
The Octet released three CDs: “Restlos” (2014), “In TheWhile Shoot Me a Movie” (2017), and “UYA” (2021). The albums express Pongracz’s primary “synthetic” approach to music: he must/want to convey color and/or thoughtful text, stories, and other sensory impressions. According to the sensory principle: “Hear with your eyes.”

In fact, there are people who are born with the ability to hear anything that moves in front of their eyes. The sounds they hear are generated in the brain. Researchers refer to this ability to perceive experiences with multiple senses at the same time as “synesthesia” and thus also owes its name to the French composer and organist Olivier Messiaen, who was himself a synesthete.
On March 26, the Synesthetic Octet performed tracks from already presented albums and some new albums under the title “plehak” at Berio-Saal in the Wiener Konzerthaus as part of the You(th) cycle. The highlights of the evening are back in front of the curtain in today’s time style!

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