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Not Just a Thing for Etiquette – “Thank You, Good” by Anna Mabo – Gap

Not Just a Thing for Etiquette – “Thank You, Good” by Anna Mabo – Gap

With their third album, Ana Mabo is growing into a musical group – and completely exhausting the possibilities of extra hands.

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Not that we misunderstand each other, but here’s serious advice of the sort that’s almost essential for survival: see for yourself, if you don’t see Anna Mapou everywhere right now, you need ashtray-sized glasses. Wherever you look: yes, of course, there are idiots everywhere, that’s for sure, but above all, Anna Mapou – she’s no idiot, that’s for sure too. It’s up to you which direction you put your feelings in: Anna Mapou is everywhere. Whether on concert stages in the wild, preferably with an audience on haybags, or in completely ordinary locations. Both in the radio waves with a lot of the latest features. Whether in Theater Magazine – because, of course, she is a trained theater director. Or at Popfest, because that’s what you’re curating this year – and there’s no Bemmerl either. Tight schedule like the grindiest Howara on the last weekend of July in Resselpark.

Swinging is frowned upon, but it only makes sense

But of course Anna Mapou is not a second-rate celebrity, she is simply busy. Ironically, the title of the singer-songwriter’s third album carries the standard sentence of all writers: “Thank you, good.” A nice paraphrase of what he actually believed, namely: “I won’t tell you anything!” Whether this is an overt reaction to a challenge or in fact a certain underlying shyness tends to depend on context – as everything always does.

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Logically, there are quite a few of those contexts in the album. Just like the hardware. After all, “Thank You, Good” was created as a trio, so more could be achieved by hand alone. For example, when it’s really cool with “Hi”. Classical plucked violin songs are almost a relaxation. But there is nothing with boredom or even banality, the possibilities of this band thing are explored without skepticism or reservations. Smashing vibes, cool street punk (sic!), but above all really cool folk rock (top: “Wall Locker”). Swinging is frowned upon, but it would actually make sense. Lyrically: Lyrically. Wortwitz: Anyway, no doubt. Hand it!

Anna Mabo
Anna Mapou “Thank you, good.”

The album “Danke, Gut” by Anna Mapu will be released on August 25, 2023 by Bader Maulden Records. It can be seen live on August 25th in Pitzen at Fuzzstock, on August 26th at the Retz am Hauptplatz, on August 30th in Vienna at the Theater am Spittelberg, and on December 5th in Vienna at the Konzerthaus.

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