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Olga Neuwirth and her opera "Orlando" "" are highly distinguished

Olga Neuwirth and her opera “Orlando” “” are highly distinguished

Styrian composer Olga Neuwirth received the famous 2022 Grawemeyer Prize for Composition, awarded $100,000, for her opera “Orlando” in Kentucky/USA.

9:33 PM, December 6, 2021


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Already the second famous and luxurious award this year to Olga Neuwirth (53) © Ma

Olga Neuwirth receives the “Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition 2022” for her opera “Orlando”. Music publisher Recordi Berlin announced on Monday, citing the University of Louisville (the US state of Kentucky). Neuwirth is expected to receive a $100,000 (88,600 euros) prize in April next year in Louisville.

Based on the novel of the same name by Virginia Woolf (Librito: Catherine Velux and Olga Neuwirth), ‘Orlando’ premiered as the first commissioned work by the Vienna State Opera in its 150-year history for a woman in December 2019 (here’s our review) It was later named “world premiere of the year” by Opernwelt magazine. In February, it was announced that Neuwirth and Stevie Wonder would receive the Wolf Prize for Music from the Wolf Foundation of Israel, worth a total of $100,000.

“Orlando is a tremendous and very ambitious work,” Mark Satterwhite, who was responsible for the award for the Music Composition category, said on a broadcast from the university. . It also seems fitting that the first operas by a woman be composed at the Vienna State Opera – a place that has long been considered a bastion of tradition – addressing these issues.”

The awards, founded in 1984 by Charles Graemeier, an industrialist and philanthropist, are awarded annually in different categories. In addition to musical composition, these include “education”, “ideas that improve the world order” and “psychology”.

Kate Lindsey as Orlando 2019 at the Vienna Opera Photo © State Opera / Pöhn

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