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The new Star Wars: Hunters game style trailer has been revealed

The new Star Wars: Hunters game style trailer has been revealed

Today, two Zynga Inc. And Lucasfilm Games is the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming arena fighting game Star Wars: Hunters Foot. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices in 2022.

Today’s trailer shows a selection of competition arenas as well as the arenas of the various Hunters fighting for fame and honor at the in-game Vespaara sports facility. The arena is the scene of epic 4v4 battles, where each fighter can show their unique fighting style: Rieve and J-3DI skillfully wield a lightsaber, Zaina and Sentinel have precise shooting skills, Imara Vex has an arsenal of bounty hunter equipment, Grozz is incredibly powerful Unbelievable, Slingshot uses clever techniques like Droideka and Utooni using whatever they can find.

Star Wars: Hunters He settles down after the fall of the empire and connects four players in real time to fight in iconic arenas star WarsInspired sites. Players compete against each other as brave bounty hunters, rebellion heroes, and the remnants of a fallen empire. The action game leaves you in a fast paced and graphically impressive setting star WarsImmerse yourself in the struggle.

To be published at launch in 2022 Star Wars: Hunters Free on Nintendo Switch, App Store and Google Play and supports cross-play on all platforms. The game does not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to be downloaded and played and is already available for mobile in some regions outside of Europe as part of a light lunch.

Players can register under Sign up in advance to help reach key milestones and unlock exclusive in-game content. More information and basic information about the eight fighters and three arenas from the trailer is also available on this website.

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