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Favorites: What should old properties look like in the future?

Favorites: What should old properties look like in the future?

The old property aims to serve as a link between the interior and exterior parts of the Favoriten area. © Vienna from above

the Old rural estatethe area within the preferred distribution circle, has so far sold for less than its value – but that is set to change in the future.

The old area – the area within the distribution circle – served as a transit point, parking lot and storage area. Now the opportunities must be exploited and new plans should be implemented that will maximize the site: instead of the unattractive site, a climate-friendly Gratzel Center will be built in the 10th district. The Old Estate aims to become a model project of modern, sustainable planning and architecture as well as a popular meeting place for residents.

Planning at first

The city of Vienna made initial development plans for the old property 10 years ago. The area has been a designated site for high-rise buildings since 2013. With the U1 extension, the Alte Landgut, which got its own underground station in 2017, enjoys excellent public connections. This has laid the foundation for high-quality mixed use.

Anyone interested is warmly invited to participate by 27 October 2023 on aspects of particular interest when it comes to the future of the old estate.

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