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The new SonoScape S-Fetus version 4.0 simplifies the ultrasound procedure

Shenzhen, China /PRNewswire/ SonoScape Medical Corp. Today it announced the launch of S-Fetus 4.0, the latest software upgrade to the company’s flagship ultrasound product. This technological breakthrough makes S-Fetus 4.0 the world’s first intelligent obstetrical screening technology based on deep learning.

By harnessing deep learning technologies, the S-Fetus 4.0 Obstetric Screening Assistant gives clinicians the ability to automatically acquire standard planes and measure fetal biometrics with fast performance and high accuracy. The system is designed so that it does not require frequent manual operation of the device, simplifies the ultrasound imaging process with a single mouse click, and improves the efficiency of the examination. “Our obstetric screening assistant has made tremendous advances in performance and scalability, and can now offer more efficient means of intelligent obstetric diagnosis, aiding clinicians in their accurate work and delivering better outcomes for patients,” said Zhou Guoyi, head of SonoScape Medical Innovation Research. .

To improve serviceability, SonoScape has released this new upgrade to a variety of high-end ultrasound machines. The S-Fetus 4.0 can be used on the SonoScape S60, P60, P60 Exp, S50 Elite, P50 Elite and P40 Elite in North America as well as in ROW countries. “Our commitment to independent research and development and innovative medical devices has enabled our cutting-edge technology to realize its potential in medical facilities around the world,” commented Naizhang Feng, Vice President of SonoScape Ultrasound.

S-Fetus 4.0 Generation Check Assistant is powered by the Intel® oneAPI Toolkit. For more information, see

Information about SonoScape

Founded in 2002 in Shenzhen, China, SonoScape is committed to “Nurturing Life Through Innovation” and offers Ultrasound and Endoscopy solutions. With seamless support, SonoScape offers global sales and service in more than 130 countries and supports hospitals and doctors with comprehensive diagnostics Imaging knowledge and technical support SonoScape annually invests 20% of its sales revenue in research and development and establishes seven R&D centers in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Harbin, Wuhan, Tokyo, Seattle and Silicon Valley, where more advanced products are being developed.

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