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The new season of “The Witcher” is experiencing disaster for Netflix – without Henry Cavill, the series is threatened

The new season of “The Witcher” is experiencing disaster for Netflix – without Henry Cavill, the series is threatened

The new “The Witcher” episodes should reconcile all fans with the Netflix series and make them want a fourth season, which should do without Henry Cavill. Apparently this didn’t work.

The third season of The Witcher It has two main tasks: to say goodbye to Henry Cavill with drums and trumpets and at the same time reconcile with the detached part of the fan base, so that Cavill’s successor Liam Hemsworth, who takes over the role of Geralt from season 4, paves the way. However, feedback on the first part of the current season, which brought us five out of eight episodes, raises doubts about the success of this mission.

Critics’ reaction to the third season was 83% positive. Rotten tomatoes Slightly lower compared to the previous season (95%). Still a significant increase compared to the first season (68%); It’s also worth noting that the number of reviews dropped from 91 for Season 1 to now 29 for Season 3 during this period, which could of course skew the picture.

Remarkably, it’s quite the opposite with audiences: Season 1 has convinced 89% of viewers*, Season 2 has dropped to 58%, and Season 3 is currently only 44%. Individual ratings for episodes in IMDB Draw a similar picture. In the second season, the worst episode, which is the second, is 7.6 points. Very few episodes get 8.0 points or even more. Season 3 drops significantly by comparison: the first episode is still at 7.2 points, and every other episode is less than 6.5 points; Even Episode 4 only scores 5.8 — the previous low point in the series.

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But more important to Netflix is ​​how much The Witcher has been broadcasting. However, there is bad news for the streaming service on this front as well. As revealed by NetflixSeason 3, after starting on Thursday through Sunday 73 million hours stream. That sounds like a lot, but it’s a significant drop from season two: There were 142 million hours aired in just three days, almost double that number.

Does “The Witcher” threaten the same fate as these series?

Does The Witcher have a future beyond Season 4?

If you look at the viewers’ reviews, it is noticeable that there are almost no protest voices that simply distribute negative ratings due to the departure of Henry Cavill. Certainly there may be parts of the audience who are turning away from “The Witcher” because of this, perhaps they don’t even bother writing reviews, and they may be masking their actual problem with advanced arguments. Unfortunately, if the reviews are to be believed, it paints a picture of a series that many seem to have reached its conclusion.

Here are some conclusions:

“The story is boring. Not terrible, but it’s boring. We should be interested, but I don’t have the drive to do it. There are no story lines I want to see worked out.” (by user * in ALEX-50511)

“I am a fan of this show and have been watching it since season 1. This season is the worst yet, it’s just so embarrassing how bad it is and how low the quality has been since season 1” (by user natie9)

“But if you want to at least have a little fun, drink whenever someone says to you, ‘Are you sure? And I guarantee the series will be just as good, if not more. A sad way to end something that has so much potential.” (by User*in Cole 2388)

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The interesting question is how many season 4 of “The Witcher” with Liam Hemsworth is still interesting. When the change became known, a number of fans announced that they would be turning their backs on the Netflix series with Henry Cavill. With a number of people already dropping out, streaming numbers show, there is a risk of another Great Recession without Cavell. If that happens, the fantasy hit is threatened with an early demise, as Netflix may be forced to question its investment. The first two seasons alone reportedly cost the streaming service $320 million (via Forbes).

Whether Liam Hemsworth can create The Miracle and turn things around again, we’ll likely only find out in 2025, though the next season currently has no start date. So far, it has always taken a good two years to start a new season. Enough time to test your knowledge about magic:

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