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Please smile sweetly!  |

Please smile sweetly! |

What appears when you remove the masks and take the covers off again?

From Birgit Bronrath

It would be exciting. Masks are off. What went down? Mona Lisa smile? gnawing cry? With the people you only meet in the supermarket, you no longer even know what they look like without a mask. And in some ways, wearing masks shouldn’t be a shame at all. For example, if a cake is thrown at you as part of an expression of resentment – like the Mona Lisa these days – at least parts of your face are well protected. Although the Mona Lisa did not wear a protective mask, she did wear a protective glass. The face and upper chest area remained unstained.

The most famous lady in the Louvre accepted the attack with a slight smile. She has a slight smile behind her protective glass, which successfully fended off a flying teacup back in 2009.

But what will you see when people meet each other bare again – an open nose and pointed tongues more than ever after all the vaccinations and mask-haggling? Hopefully a lot of Mona Lisa smiles and a little scream.

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