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Tea dance with Crown Prince Charles before the Jubilee Celebrations

Tea dance with Crown Prince Charles before the Jubilee Celebrations

“It was fantastic,” Tebes told the Palestinian news agency. “He was very nice to dance with, he had a great sense of rhythm, and he held it nicely.”

Before that, the future king spoke to 100-year-old Elizabeth Powell, who later congratulated her with a bouquet of flowers from his garden and a handwritten card on her birthday. She is already looking forward to the Queen’s 70th jubilee celebrations, which begin on Thursday. Powell plans to attend a street party and village festival with her family. Asked about her long-lasting recipe, the celebrant said, “I like to drink a glass of red wine in the evening. Sometimes I treat my sherry at lunchtime too.”

Tuesday Festival organized by the Amira Foundation to prevent loneliness. There was already a “tea dance” in the West London borough of Chelsea on Monday, but Charles was not present. Similar events are planned in Scotland on Wednesday and Thursday. “Social isolation is a pervasive problem that has been felt more by many more than at any time in the past two years,” said Princes Foundation President Simon Sadinsky. “It was great to see so many people take the opportunity to connect with others in their community.”

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